Charging at Home

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Charge your EV when you want, and from the convenience and comfort of your home or work.

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AmpCharge’s at home charging solutions will give you the ability to charge your electric vehicle (EV) when you want, and from the convenience and comfort of home.

Whether you’re starting your daily commute or finishing up for the day, AmpCharge EV Chargers keep your EV charged and ready for every journey.

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AmpCharge EV Charger 22kW

Introducing our first EV charger suitable for the home or workplace.


  • Charging speed of up to 22kW

  • Single or Three Phase power

  • Type 2 plug compatible with all Australian EVs

  • Weatherproof (built for Australian conditions)

  • 4G and WI-FI connectivity

  • Plug and charge (auto charging)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not currently. You’ll need to arrange the installation of the EV charger at your own cost and by a qualified electrician to ensure your safety and to ensure compliance with the Australian Wiring Rules. Go to our set-up page for more information