Privacy Policy


This policy applies to Ampol Group (being Ampol Limited (ACN 004 201 307) and its related bodies corporate (other than Z Energy and its subsidiaries, which are governed by Z Energy’s privacy policy)). In this policy, Ampol Group is interchangeably referred to as "Ampol", “Ampol Group”, “we” or “us”). 


Your privacy is important to Ampol and we are committed to handing your personal information in accordance with the applicable legislation and this policy.

This policy outlines how Ampol manages the personal information that we hold about our customers, potential customers, employees, suppliers and others. Ampol Group in Australia is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) ("Privacy Act") and the applicable parts of the credit reporting requirements in Part IIIA of the Privacy Act and the Privacy (Credit Reporting) Code 2014. The entities within Ampol Group that are located overseas, such as in Singapore and in the United States, comply with this Privacy Policy, except where local laws applicable to those entities contain requirements that are inconsistent with the terms of this Privacy Policy, in which case those entities will comply with the statutory requirements to the extent of the inconsistency.

Our Credit Reporting Policy provides information about how we manage credit-related personal information that we collect and use in our business in Australia.

Throughout this policy, "personal information" means information or an opinion relating to an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable. In this policy, where we refer to "you" or "your", we are referring to natural persons as opposed to entities such as companies, partnerships or trusts. 

This document is divided into two parts:

Part I of this policy details Ampol’s management of personal information generally.

Part II of this policy sets out how Ampol protects personal information and how you may seek access to or correction of, or make a complaint about, that information.



The main way in which Ampol collects personal information is directly from you, including through completion of paper-based or electronic forms, in face-to-face meetings, during telephone calls made to the Ampol call centre and through security video surveillance at our sites. Ampol may also collect personal information through your use of Ampol’s website and the following Ampol mobile applications:

  • the Ampol Mobile App; and
  • the AmpCharge Mobile App,

 (each an “Ampol App”, and together “Ampol Apps”).

For further detail about information that Ampol may collect when you visit our website or use an Ampol App, please refer to the relevant Terms (Website Terms of Use, Ampol Mobile App Terms of Use, and AmpCharge Terms & Conditions).

In addition, Ampol may collect personal information about you from third parties and through other means. This may happen without your direct involvement. For instance, we may collect your personal information from:

  • publicly available sources of information, such as public registers and social media platforms
  • your representatives (including your legal adviser, executor, or administrator)
  • your employer
  • other organisations who, jointly with Ampol, provide products or services to you
  • operators of Ampol outlets
  • recruitment agencies
  • commercial information service providers, such as companies that provide various background checks and fraud prevention reports
  • energy distributors
  • third parties that provide metering or payment or billing services to us
  • other third parties, such as those that assist us with our marketing activities.

If you provide personal information about another person to Ampol (such as a nominated user of an AmpolCard, information about someone who lives at your property or your authorised representative on your energy account with us), you will need to obtain consent to share such information with Ampol from that person and notify them of this Privacy Policy.


The types of personal information Ampol may collect about you are dependent upon your relationship with us.

Below are some examples of the types of personal information that Ampol may collect as well as reasons why we may collect such information.

(a) Customers

Ampol collects personal information of our customers and potential customers for the primary purposes of supplying our products and services, supporting our related business activities and responding to your queries. We may also be required to collect your personal information to comply with our regulatory obligations.

We collect:

  • contact details of our customers, including name, address, telephone number and email address; and
  • financial information of our customers necessary to process payments, such as bank account details, or credit, debit or prepaid card details.

We may also collect the following additional personal information about our customers and potential customers:

  • If Ampol needs to verify a customer’s identity or conduct credit checks, it will collect additional personal information from the customer to enable it to do so, such as date of birth and driver’s licence details.
  • If you are an Ampol App customer, then Ampol will also collect such information as:
    • details of purchases made through the Ampol App;
    • location data for the purchases;
    • data regarding your usage of the Ampol App;
    • your device ID and type.
  • If you are a customer who links a third-party loyalty program to your Ampol Mobile App or AmpolCard account, or who presents a third party loyalty card at a participating Ampol outlet when paying, then Ampol will collect your loyalty card number. Any use or disclosure of your personal information by the third party loyalty program operator, including for any marketing purposes, will be governed by the terms of that loyalty program and the operator’s privacy policy.
  • If you apply for an AmpolCard and provide it to another driver for their use, Ampol may collect that driver’s name and vehicle details.
  • If you use our electric vehicle chargers, Ampol may also collect a serial number or MAC (Media Access Control) address of your vehicle for analytics and optimisation purposes.
  • If we sell an electric vehicle charger to, and arrange for its installation for, you, in addition to collecting your contact address for delivery, we may also collect additional information about your property (such as information about access to the property) for the purposes of the installation.
  • If you purchase energy from us, in addition to the personal information set out above, Ampol may also collect the following information:
  1. information about your property and the energy meter;
  2. information about your energy consumption at your property. If you have a smart meter, then we may collect detailed energy usage information, such as when you are using the energy and what you are using it for;
  3. concession details, if you are a concession customer;
  4. limited health information. For example, if you are an energy customer who is entitled to a concession or rebate due to certain medical conditions or if someone at your property requires life support equipment;
  5. information about your ethnicity, if required to assist with translation services.

(b) Job candidates

Ampol may collect the following personal information about job candidates to facilitate our recruitment processes and pre-employment relationship with them:

  • contact details, such as name, address, telephone number and email address
  • other personal information included in resumes, such as academic qualifications, employment history, and referee details
  • licenses, memberships or certifications by professional organisations (such as legal, accounting, engineering) and other similar information that evidences your qualification and/or ability to perform the requirements of the role
  • details of identification documents, such as your passport, for the purpose of conducting pre-employment background checks
  • photographs and videos
  • results of psychometric or aptitude testing and of pre-employment medical, working rights, criminal record and other background checks.

(c) Employees and individual contractors

In addition to the personal information collected by Ampol in connection with its recruitment activities, other personal information that may be collected by Ampol about its employees and contractors to support a variety of its business and workforce related functions, and to comply with applicable laws, includes:

  • date of birth
  • bank account details
  • tax file number
  • limited health and medical information
  • work performance information
  • trade union membership details, where requested by you for subscription deduction
  • contact details of your nominated emergency contact.

(d) Suppliers

In order to facilitate the acquisition of products and services supporting Ampol’s business activities and to ensure that our suppliers are of good character and have the necessary skills, Ampol may collect the following personal information about its suppliers and service providers:

  • contact details, such as name, address, telephone number and email address
  • financial details for payment, such as bank account details
  • other personal information of employees of the suppliers that may be required to enable Ampol to run necessary background checks or to confirm qualifications. This may include details of identification documents and licences, memberships or certifications.

(e) Franchisees, other operators of Ampol sites and distributors of our products and services

Ampol collects a range of personal information about directors, shareholders, partners, trustees or principals of the businesses that enter into various types of distribution and similar arrangements with Ampol to support Ampol’s commercial activities related to business-to-business and distribution initiatives. This may include the following categories of personal information:

  • contact details, such as name, address, telephone number, email address
  • financial details, including bank account details for payment, and details of personal assets and liabilities
  • results of background checks that Ampol may need to run, such as:
    • good character and criminal background checks, which may include national police checks; anti-money laundering/counter terrorism financing rules global screening checks; and criminal watch list checks
    • credit file authentication checks
    • public record checks
    • bankruptcy records checks (including at an international level)
    • land titles checks
    • civil litigation checks
  • information confirming identity, including certified 100 points of ID
  • information regarding entitlement to work in Australia.

(f) Shareholders

Ampol Limited’s securities are traded on the Australian Securities Exchange and the New Zealand Exchange and Ampol collects personal information about its shareholders, such as:

  • contact details for share register purposes, including name, address and email address
  • financial details, including tax file number and bank account details.

Ampol’s share registers are maintained by:

  • Link Market Services Limited. Link Market Services Limited’s privacy policy can be found on their website.

(g) Potential customers and others

If you contact Ampol’s call centre, we may collect personal information from you to assist you with your query or to process your complaint. While you can contact us anonymously, if you do so, we may not be able to assist you.

Some of the other reasons why we may collect your personal information include:

  • to contact you about our products and services (for further information about Ampol’s direct marketing activities, refer to the relevant section below). For example, if you participate in a competition or a contest run by Ampol, we will collect your contact details. We may use those details to market our products and services to you;
  • to conduct market research and data analytics to better understand your needs, improve our product and services offering and to effectively manage risks;
  • to allow us to perform various administrative and operational functions in our business; and
  • to detect fraud and to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.


Sensitive information is a special category of personal information, such as health information, criminal record information, or information about your trade union memberships, race, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. As you can see from the above section, Ampol may collect some sensitive information about you in certain circumstances. However, Ampol will only collect such information with your prior consent, unless we are permitted or required by law to do so without your consent.


Subject to the exceptions set out in the Privacy Act (for example, the disclosure of personal information when required by law), Ampol will only use and/or disclose your personal information for:

  1. the primary purpose for which it is collected;
  2. a related purpose, where you would reasonably expect that it would be used and/or disclosed without your further consent;
  3. other purposes, where you have consented to the relevant use or disclosure.

Generally, Ampol will only disclose your personal information internally, within the group of Ampol companies, and/or to a third parties for one of the purposes referred to above.

The third parties to which Ampol may disclose your personal information vary depending on the particular circumstances in each case, but typically involve service providers that assist Ampol to run its business and fall into the following categories:

 (a)  In a recruitment and employment context: 

  • recruitment agencies and platform providers: to assist Ampol with recruitment activities, including for pre-employment and ongoing background screening where required in the role
  • superannuation funds: in connection with payment of superannuation contributions
  • payroll administration services providers: to process payment of wages and other employment-related entitlements to you
  • insurers and their agents: to enable insurers to process employee disability and death claims as well as workers compensation claims
  • medical specialists or allied health professionals: including to determine fitness for work and to discharge Ampol’s work health and safety obligations
  • other technology service providers: that provide and support Ampol’s employment-related systems and platforms.

(b)  Generally, in a commercial context:

  • third party service providers:
    • companies that assist with Ampol’s marketing activities, competitions and promotions, which may include Meta (previously known as Facebook) and Google
    • technology service providers that assist Ampol with various business activities and functions. For example, these include vendors that:
      • provide customer relationship management systems, billing and operational management systems to us; and/or
      • assist Ampol with ensuring the security of Ampol's computer network, mobile applications and payment processing is maintained
    • outsourced contact centre service providers
    • installation, maintenance and fulfilment partners that assist us with installation and supply of EV chargers, smart meters and other products we may offer
    • professional advisors, auditors and insurers
    • billing and mailing houses
    • logistics providers
    • merchant facility providers
  • loyalty card program operators and partners: for example, roadside assistance services providers
  • credit reporting agencies: please refer to our Credit Reporting Policy for further detail
  • debt collection and recovery agencies: that help Ampol to recover overdue payments
  • energy distributors
  • other energy retailer, where you transfer between retailers
  • regulators.

We may also disclose your personal information to comply with legislative and regulatory requirements or in connection with law enforcement activities, for example, to assist police investigations.  


We may use your personal information across Ampol for the purpose of marketing by members of Ampol Group of our products or services by various means, including mail, email, SMS, through social media and targeted advertising or by other electronic means. We may also contact you about products and services offered by our partners. In our marketing activities, we will comply with the applicable privacy legislation such as the Australian Privacy Principles, including by obtaining your consent as may be required.

If you wish to opt-out from receiving marketing material from Ampol, you can contact the Privacy Compliance Officer (contact details below). If direct marketing is by electronic means, such as email or SMS, you can also use the unsubscribe facilities provided in the relevant messages to opt-out. Ampol will not charge you or in any way disadvantage you if you choose to opt out of receiving marketing material.

If you opt out of receiving marketing material from Ampol, we will still send you service-related operational information and may contact you if we are required to do so by law.


Ampol may disclose personal information, including credit-related personal information, about you to entities or individuals located in countries other than the country where your personal information was collected. In addition to disclosing your personal information to recipients in Australia, Ampol may disclose it to the following overseas recipients:

  1. members of Ampol Group that are not located in Australia (including those members located in Singapore, New Zealand and the USA);


  2. other companies or individuals who assist us in providing services or who perform functions on their behalf (such as third party service providers and professional advisers), including those located in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, USA, Singapore, Philippines, India and the European Union;


  3. anyone else to whom you authorise us to disclose it; and


  4. as may be otherwise authorised or required by law.



In this section, the term 'personal information' includes credit-related personal information.

Ampol stores personal information in a range of paper-based and electronic forms.

(a) Paper security - where personal information is stored in physical form, Ampol may use a variety of mechanisms to protect the security and integrity of such information, which might include: 

  • locking personal information in cabinets and only giving access to those employees who have a need to use it
  • using other access control measures such as keyed access, security alarms and surveillance cameras to deter and detect unauthorised access.

(b) Computer and network security - Ampol adopts a number of security measures to protect information from unauthorised access to its computer systems which include: 

  • access control for authorised users such as user names and passwords
  • limiting access to shared network drives to authorised staff
  • virus checking
  • specialised IT support to deal with security risks.

(c) Communications security - transmission of personal information may involve insecure telecommunications lines.  Security of such transmissions is enhanced by: 

  • PIN numbers and passwords required for some telephone and internet transmissions
  • identity checking before disclosing any personal information
  • encryption of data for high-risk transmissions.

Personal information in Ampol's possession may be retained in archival storage.  Generally, Ampol will securely destroy or de-identify personal information after a period of seven years following its collection or following an employee's separation from Ampol unless it is required, or may be required, to be kept for a longer period because of the purpose(s) for which it was originally collected.


If you want to access your personal information held by Ampol, please put your request in writing and clearly identify the personal information to which you seek access.  This is important to ensure that the information can be retrieved quickly and cost effectively.  All requests for access must be addressed to Ampol’s Privacy Compliance Officer (see contact details below).

Depending on the circumstances and where not prohibited by law from doing so, Ampol reserves the right to charge you a reasonable administrative fee in connection with your request to access personal information.  For example, Ampol's reasonable administrative costs might include: 

  • reasonable staff costs in locating and collating the information;
  • reasonable reproduction or photocopying costs; and 
  • reasonable costs involved in having someone explain the information to you.

If a fee is charged for providing access, you will be advised of the likely cost in advance.

In some instances, Ampol may not release the personal information.  For example, if the information reveals the details of a commercially sensitive decision-making process, then Ampol may decide to give you an explanation of the commercially-sensitive decision rather than direct access to the information.


Ampol will take reasonable steps to correct personal information that is inaccurate.  You should contact Ampol if your personal information changes. If Ampol believes it is inappropriate to delete or alter the original information, it will discuss with you alternative ways of correcting the information that satisfies the needs of both parties.


If you wish to make a complaint to Ampol about a possible breach of privacy, please provide full details of your complaint to us in writing (see contact details below). 

If you are not happy with how Ampol has handled your complaint, you may then contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner here. 


Ampol may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time to take into account new laws and technology, changes to Ampol's operations and practices, and the changing business environment. The most current version of this policy will be located on Ampol's website, Through the 'About' section of the Ampol Mobile App, or through the ‘Settings’ section of the AmpCharge App. A copy of this policy can also be obtained by contacting the Privacy Compliance Officer.


If you would like more information concerning Ampol's approach to privacy or have any concerns above how Ampol handles your personal information you can contact Ampol’s Privacy Compliance Officers using the following contact details:

By post: The Privacy Compliance Officer
Ampol Limited
29-33 Bourke Road

Alexandria NSW 2015

Online: at – using our secure enquiry form

Updated: 24 February 2023