Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Charging Your Fleet

From building and installing charging bays at charging destinations, to home charging solutions for your drivers and employees, AmpCharge will soon be able to drive your business further with a range of electric vehicle (EV) solutions and support businesses with your carbon and sustainability goals. Enabling businesses to get moving and keep moving.

We have a range of business solutions to suit your business' needs. They include:

  • Home Charging for Fleet
    • AmpCharge will offer home charging solutions, so your drivers and employees can charge their EVs at home
  • Commercial Charging
    • AmpCharge will be able to install and build charging bays, enabling convenient and fast charging services for your EV customers
  • Workplace Charging
    • Back to base – AmpCharge will be able to offer a range of fast chargers for your fleet ensuring your fleet drivers are always on the move
  • Ampol Card – Coming soon
    • Card management & portal
    • Employees receive an AmpolCard accessing retail offers
    • Access to AmpCharge’s public EV charging network

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