Welcome to AmpCharge

Here's a simple guide to getting your EV charged, so you can be on your way. 

Download the Ampol app.

Before you get started, you’ll need to download our Ampol app.   

With our app you’ll be able to find your nearest AmpCharge EV charging site, check charger availability, charge your EV and pay securely. 

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the Ampol app for iOS or Android.
  2. Register an account or log-in.
  3. Enable location permissions.
  4. Set up your preferred payment method/s.
  5. You’re now ready to start charging at an available charging bay.

Getting started.

Charging your EV at one of our Ultra-Fast up to 150-300kW EV chargers is super easy.

Let’s get you started.

  1. Locate and navigate to the nearest AmpCharge charging site via the Ampol app.
  2. Select a payment method or add a new payment method.  
  3. Connect the charging connector to your vehicle.
  4. Select the charger and connector you wish to use in the app or scan the QR code next to the charging connector. 
  5. Select ‘Start charging’ to begin your EV charging session.
  6. Select ‘Stop’ to end your charging session. 
  7. Check that your EV is unlocked. 
  8. Un-plug your charging connector and return it back to the charger. 
  9. Your payment will automatically be taken and you’ll be emailed a copy of your invoice. 
  10. And that’s it, you’re good to go. 
  11. Navigate to your ‘Profile’, then to ‘Recent transactions’ in the app to view previous charging sessions. 

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The power of our network
Our network spans every state and territory with approximately 1900 locations, including our independently owned partners offering convenience and fuel options to local communities across Australia.
Our Network

Powered sustainably

You'll continue to do your part for the environment, as the energy used by our chargers is 100% offset with renewable energy certificates.


*Net equivalent renewable energy is sourced from surrendered Large-scale Generation Certificates. 

Need a hand?

Require some help at one of our charging sites? We’re here 24/7 for anything you need. Get in touch via 13 14 04.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our AmpCharge on the road charging points have industry standard CCS2 and CHAdeMO connectors attached to charging connectors as required by ARENA, which are generally compatible with most EVs available in Australia. You shouldn't need to bring your own charging cable to site. However, you may need to bring your plug adapter.

Your EV should lock the connector in place once your charging session begins. Along with your EV's security features, AmpCharge on the road charging sites are placed at our well known Ampol locations where sites are well-lit and staffed where possible.

The speed of charge is dependent on the power of the EV charger and your EV's charging capacity - different chargers have different max power outputs or 'speeds'.

Please check your vehicle's charging specifications to find out the charge times for different charger powers. Estimated charge times are provided in the table below

Estimated charge times^ -

Vehicle Specifications

Estimated empty to full charging time – by charger power*

Vehicle battery size

EV charger confidence range*

50kW Fast

150kW Ultra-Fast



40 mins

17 mins



48 mins

15 mins



90 mins

30 mins

^Estimated charge times are based on the industry measure of Time (Hours) = battery size (kWh) divided by charger power (kW) which is to be used as a guide only. Please note other external factors influence charging time including, but not limited to, your vehicle specifications, state of charge, air temperature etc.

*Charging point confidence range is the maximum distance that someone would be confident driving on electric power between charges. Real range will depend on various factors including driving conditions, outside temperature, heating/air conditioning and driving style, etc. 

+Charging time may be limited by the maximum charging rate of the electric vehicle.