EV charging. At your fingertips.

Introducing the AmpCharge app.

Powering your next journey.

Find your nearest AmpCharge EV charging point, check availability, charge your EV and pay securely with our AmpCharge app.



Find your nearest charger.

Discover where to find your nearest AmpCharge charger, anytime, anywhere.

  • Search for a suburb, city or charge location
  • Let us notify you as soon as a charger becomes available
  • Access your favourite chargers with just a few taps
  • Start your charge using a QR code at any AmpCharge charger.
Real time charger availability
Check if a compatible charging connector is available, instantly.
Pay your way. Securely.

We offer several easy payment methods including credit/debit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Hassle-free invoicing.

Need a tax invoice? No problem. You can access an invoice of your charging session and search your previous charging sessions in the app.  

View your charging history.

Find out how often you charge your EV and for how long, with access of up to 90 days charging session history.

You can start and stop your charging session all within the app. The easiest way to get started is by scanning one of the charger connector QR codes on one of our AmpCharge chargers. Simply follow these steps:

Scan QR code

Scan the QR code next to the charger connector you want to use with our AmpCharge app.

Press start

Select a payment method you have configured and select ‘Start Charging’. 

(a temporary $30 pre-authorisation hold will be placed on your card and refunded).

Charge away

Don’t forget to plug-in your cable before walking away. 

Our app is free to download for iOS from the App Store or for Android from the Google Play store. So what are you waiting for?

Need a hand?

Require some help at one of our charging points? We’re here 24/7 for anything you need. Get in touch via 13 14 04

Frequently Asked Questions

Charging your EV at one of our Ultra-Fast 150kW charging bays is super easy.  

Let’s get you started.  

  1. Locate and navigate to the nearest AmpCharge charging point via the AmpCharge App 
  2. Select the charger and connector you wish to use in the app or scan the QR code 
  3. Select a payment method or add a new payment method (a temporary $30 pre-authorisation hold will be placed on your card and refunded). 
  4. Select ‘Start Charging’ to begin your EV charging session 
  5. Connect the charging connector to your vehicle 
  6. Select ‘Stop Charging’ to end your charging session.  
  7. Check that your EV is unlocked. 
  8. Un-plug your charging connector and place back into the charging point 
  9. Your payment will then be taken and you’ll be notified of the total cost of your session.  
  10. And that’s it, you’re good to go.  
  11. Navigate to sessions tab in the app to view previous charge sessions
Here are some tips if you’re having trouble using the start/stop feature in the app: 
  1. Make sure your cable is securely connected to both your vehicle and the AmpCharge charging point 
  2. Check your internet connection – try using mobile signal instead of WiFi, and vice versa 
  3. Try closing the app completely and reopening it 
  4. Use the digital screen on the AmpCharge charging point to check that it’s working

If none of the above work, please call our 24/7 customer services team on 13 14 04 and we’ll do our best to help you. 

Please don’t press the red emergency stop button unless there is a real emergency – this will disable the unit until an engineer is able to attend to the charge point. 

You will not be able to charge your EV if you do not have access to a compatible phone and Ampol AmpCharge app at an available charging bay.
You can set up credit and debit card payments in the app with Visa, MasterCard and American Express. You can also pay by Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Before you can start your AmpCharge charging session, you will be prompted in the app to select your payment method. Each time you select your payment method (or add a new payment method) for AmpCharge, a temporary $30 pre-authorisation hold will be placed on your card. This small transaction confirms the payment method is valid and helps protect our customers from fraudulent activity.

The pre-authorisation hold amount will be automatically refunded to you once your charging session is complete and payment was successful. The refund process could take up to 5 business days depending on your bank.